About Me

Began life in December of 1981 and learned life’s most important lessons in a small town in Montana where the Stillwater and Yellowstone rivers meet.  My parents are beekeepers and Lutherans who care about me more than themselves and my two younger brothers are great athletes and fine scholars.  They are all more than anyone could ask for.  Once I graduated from the drama that is high school, I left the state searching for freedom and truth.  Fortunately, I did find a lot of truth at the University of Idaho, but it wasn’t easy.  After a roller coaster freshman year, I transferred to Eastern Washington University where I committed myself to Christ rather than schoolwork.  It was here that God helped me to know him.  I spent most of my time with a group called Campus Crusade for Christ.  Many memories are still etched clearly in my mind, and I was transformed during the four years I spent there.  I did graduate with a degree in finance and a few months later became one with the woman who loves me beyond compare.  We’ve been married over six years now, and God has blessed us abundantly. Our son, Benjamin, was born 12-14-07 and life is much richer with him in it. We take each day as it comes, work hard, and enjoy the scenery as we learn to love as Jesus does.  We now live in Bremerton, WA with our dog, Charlie.  My wife, Jackie, works as a dental hygienist, and I’m working as a technical support specialist for a small software company called Church Web Works.


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